Hawksight raises $4.20M backed by Solana Ventures & Leading Web3 VCs to Democratize DeFi

What is Hawksight?

The bottleneck that limits the mainstream adoption of DeFi is multifaceted. It includes a host of challenges such as a fragmented ecosystem, knowledge gaps, time-consuming & poor user-experiences, and complex manual processes.

To overcome these obstacles, Hawksight is launching a DeFi app that captures the powerful alpha of DeFi in a simplified experience — thereby making it accessible to everyone. Hawksight provides 1-click automated investment & yield farming in Solana, our vaults of yield-generating indexes enable anybody to simultaneously invest in indexes and earn yield, in 1-click.

Hawksight’s near-term mission is to “mint” 1 million first-time DeFi users to drive the mainstream adoption of DeFi for everyone.

Hawksight DApp Homepage (app.hawksight.co)

We will also launch Hawksight Hotline, a localized and grassroots user onboarding system to provide a concierge service to “mint” first-time DeFi users by handholding users through creating crypto wallets, making deposits, and automatically investing & yield farming in Solana in 1-click. Hawksight Hotline will be launched in Southeast Asia, and expand globally as we localize by recruiting Hawksight Ambassadors.

$4.20M Strategic token round backed by Solana Ventures & Leading Web3 VCs

Hawksight’s strategic token round was multiple times oversubscribed. We are humbled and excited to close the round with leading strategic partners who will work together with us in making DeFi more accessible for everyone. Our strategic partners include but are not limited to:

  • Leading crypto funds: Solana Ventures, NGC Ventures, Solar Eco Fund, One Block Capital, Petrock Capital Skyvision Capital, Everest Ventures Group, Doublepeak, Entrepreneur First, Global Founders Capital, Follow The Seed, and Cherubic
  • CEOs of leading projects: Norbert Bodziony (Synthetify), Ming Wu (Strips Finance), Richard Ma (Quantstamp)
  • Strategic DApps, Exchanges, and platforms: Bybit (Mirana), Gate Labs, Solanium Ventures, CropperBros Research, CSP DAO
  • SOL Big Brain — and his recently launched VC fund (Congratulations!): Big Brain Holdings
Hawksight Strategic Partners

Roadmap and Schedule

Q3 2021 (Done)

  • Formed team of 15+ across Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, & USA
  • Finalized DApp Whitepaper, Tokenomics, and DApp Trade-to-Earn concept
  • Launched Hawksight’s AI Engine and Signals Platform with 500,000+ Signal Users Across Platforms, spanning individuals to institutions from 36+ Countries, including a Southeast Asian Tech Unicorn

Q4 2021 (Done)

  • Won 1st-place in SCB10X Global DeFi Hackathon — in partnership with Terra & Polygon
  • Scale community of 1,000,000+ Signal Users Across Platforms
  • Complete private token round of $HWK tokens with strategic partners
  • DApp Platform Testing

Q1 2022

  • Token launch IDO in February 2022 in partnership with IDO Launchpads, DEXes, and CEXes
  • DApp mainnet launch in March 2022 onwards
  • Pilot Hawksight Hotline to onboard first-time DeFi users
  • Rewards & incentives for early-adopters and OG community members on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter

Q2 2022

  • Expand Hawksight Hotline in key countries to onboard first-time DeFi users
  • Expand cross-chain support
  • Integrate with more DEXes and CEXes
  • Catalyze growth through DeFi and NFT partnerships within the Solana ecosystem
  • Progressive decentralization of AI Engine and on-chain signals

You are Early. Join us now!

We are nurturing a community filled with meaningful and alpha-rich Crypto & DeFi conversations, please do drop by in our Discord, Telegram, or Twitter.

You can also join our mission as Hawksight Ambassadors or Early Adopters, both of whom will get exclusive access to new DApp features, and token rewards & incentives

What is Hawksight?

Hawksight is a DeFi super-app for Everyone. Simply deposit USDC to automate DeFi strategies and earn profit-optimized yield on Solana. Or make smarter investment decisions using our superapp’s AI-driven trading signals, social signals, DeFi-NFTs, and GameFi utilities. Hawksight is backed by Solana Ventures.

Passive investors can simply deposit USDC to automate DeFi strategies to earn capital gains and profit-optimized yield on Hawksight.

While Active investors can access AI-driven trading and social signals to make smarter trading decisions

Hawksight’s mission is to make DeFi yield accessible to Everyone — and we are tackling this mission with 3 (three) strategic launches:

  • DeFi app with 1-click automated DeFi yield strategies
  • DeFi-NFTs to “mint” first-time DeFi users
  • GameFi Degen Pool to make DeFi more accessible, engaging, and rewarding to users (especially NFT holders)


🐣 Website & White paper: https://hawksight.co/

🦅$HAWK on Exchanges: KuCoin, MEXC, Raydium

💸$HAWK tracker: CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko

🐦Get a Debonair Degen Hawks NFT: Magic Eden

👾 Discord: dsc.gg/hawksight.co

💙 Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/hawksightco

📲 Telegram: https://t.me/hawksight

🍊Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Hawksight/



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