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3 min readApr 20, 2023


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Hawksight has been building and doubling down on driving Solana DeFi adoption, with:

  • >$4.5M Total Value Routed (TVR): the total liquidity routed through Hawksight for users to easily earn yield across Solana DeFi
  • 9 Solana DeFi protocols integrated (and counting): Kamino, Orca, Francium, Port Finance, Tulip, Marinade Finance, Frakt, Solend, and Saber.
  • 35+ yield strategies automated in 1-click: to become the one-stop-shop for Solana DeFi yields

And we are just getting started. Hawksight has streamlined the team from 13 to 10 full-time contributors, to extend runway to 3+ years and obsessively focus on catapulting Solana DeFi forward by building the leading Solana Yield Optimizer, with a “Best APYs & Best UX” mantra.

Earn the highest APYs across Solana DeFi. Easily deposit, withdraw, or switch yield strategies automated in 1-click!

Hawksight’s non-custodial design ensures safe & easy automation of yield strategies for users

Debonair Degen Hawks NFT upgrade & roadmap

Hawksight will upgrade the Debonair Degen Hawks (DDH) NFT collection with updated utilities & benefits, to drive holder value and incentive alignment with the rising adoption of Hawksight’s DeFi Yield Optimizer. Key benefits of the NFTs will include:

  1. Yield performance fee discount on Hawksight: which will be calculated based on points from the quantity and rarity of holders’ NFTs. The objective here is to drive demand for DDH NFTs among DeFi users who want to earn higher APYs on Hawksight, while boosting DeFi app adoption and holder value.
  2. Extended $HAWK token rewards: for DDH NFT stakers. $HAWK is the key value accrual mechanism for the Hawksight ecosystem: More Hawksight TVL leads to more protocol fees, leading to more $HAWK buybacks, leading to $HAWK value accrual for token & NFT holders.
  3. New $HAWK token utility to boost APY rewards: $HAWK token will be used for governance to vote for boosted yield in Hawksight DeFi yield strategies. In other words, enjoy boosted SOL or USDC yield strategies on Hawksight, incentivized by $HAWK and voted by $HAWK token holders.
  4. Hawksight SDK to catapult TVL & revenue: In lieu of the Hawksight Degen Pool (Gamified lossless yield aggregator), we are expanding to a bigger opportunity by taking an “arms dealer” approach of launching an SDK. Instead of building 1 Degen Pool product, Hawksight SDK will empower 10+ other DApps to let 10x more users easily earn yield through Hawksight. This bigger opportunity was inspired by 1) Many DeFi apps, Wallets, and Web3 platforms requesting for Hawksight SDK/API access, and 2) Noticing the bear market slowdown of “Degen Pool”-like adoption on several chains like ETH, BNB, and SOL. In relation to this, the extended $HAWK token rewards above is key to creating a growth flywheel for Hawksight’s DeFi app & SDK, and accelerating a value capture mechanism for holders. We will also sunset new feature development & support for trading signals to fuel our obsessive focus on driving DeFi TVL growth & value accrual.
  5. Oh, and of course we are upgrading the art from a card to PFP design :)
Upgraded Debonair Degen Hawks PFP (Sample silhouette)

Full details on when & how to upgrade DDH NFTs coming soon. (Hint: You will need $HAWK tokens to upgrade 👀 ). We are targeting to launch the DDH NFT upgrade platform in May 2023.

🐣What is Hawksight?

Hawksight.co is Solana’s Yield Optimizer. Maximize your gains on Solana DeFi with Hawksight’s self-custodial & yield-optimized strategies. Hawksight is backed by Solana Ventures, and audited by Sec3 & CertiK.



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