Hawksight Weekly Progress — DeFi Mainnet (14th July’22)

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3 min readJul 14, 2022


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🐣Our goal is to become Solana’s one-top-shop (Largest Solana DeFi aggregator & infrastructure) to grow SOL or USDC, by aggregating and automating DeFi yield strategies in 1-click, for: DEX trading yields, borrow-lending, and structured products.

✅ Product updates

  • Launched DeFi beta mainnet! Get started now at https://hawksight.co/. We launched USDC auto-yield vault first, and will launch the SOL auto-yield vault once we upgrade the SOL APY to 3–9% through Solend & Quarry integrations.
  • Getting flooded with DeFi feature and integration requests. In the coming weeks as Hawksight ramps up DeFi protocol integrations, APYs will continue to improve as Hawksight becomes the ultimate gateway for anyone to easily get DeFi yield on Solana.
  • If Hawksight is not yet the smoothest way for you to grow your SOL & USDC, we want to know why, launch improvements, and give you the best experience to automate the best optimized APY yield strategies for SOL & USDC — in 1-click
  • Exploring vault fee discounts for Debonair Degen Hawks NFT holders. Given market conditions and DeFi token prices, it would be more rewarding & beneficial for NFT holders to get vault discount fees instead of added yield from token emissions.
  • Completed Sec3 (previously Soteria) smart contract audit, and planning to kickstart CertiK audit this month
  • Frontend UI fixes and improvements to make TVL, liquidity, APY numbers refresh faster.
  • Hawksight Degen Pool (Gamification of DeFi vaults): QA testing smart contract, and initializing frontend development of user-interface. Find out how our GameFi project benefits NFT holders here: Hawksight Degen Pool: Gamifying DeFi while rewarding NFT holders

✅Growth & Business Development updates

  • $HAWK token buybacks will commence from 50% of generated protocol fees to kickstart a deflationary effect on tokens. Over time, Hawksight’s growing ecosystem utilities will be made accessible to $HAWK token and NFT stakers.
  • Partner with DAOs and Guilds to grow SOL & USDC treasuries. If you are running a DAO, Guild, Fund, or Web3 project, we would love to partner with you to grow your treasury by automating best optimized SOL & USDC yield.
  • Ramp up marketing (and product) partnerships
  • Partnering with and contributing to Solana Summer Camp as guest speakers and expert panel
  • Besides the ecosystem utilities of Debonair Degen Hawks NFTs, the core product of Hawksight’s NFT project is the Hawksight Degen Pool GameFi product. We are building towards one big ambitious product & ecosystem, not miscellaneous good-to-have features, which is why we will be more active in sharing visual progress on the Hawksight Degen Pool (which will reward 67% of GameFi fees to holders).

🐣What is Hawksight?

Hawksight is a DeFi super-app for Everyone. Simply deposit USDC to automate DeFi strategies and earn profit-optimized yield on Solana. Or make smarter investment decisions using our super-app’s AI-driven trading signals, social signals, DeFi-NFTs, and GameFi utilities. Hawksight is backed by Solana Ventures.

Passive investors can simply deposit USDC to automate DeFi strategies to earn capital gains and profit-optimized yield on Hawksight.

While Active investors can access AI-driven trading and social signals to make smarter trading decisions

Hawksight’s mission is to make DeFi yield accessible to Everyone — and we are tackling this mission with 3 (three) strategic launches:

  • DeFi app with 1-click automated DeFi yield strategies
  • DeFi-NFTs to “mint” first-time DeFi users
  • GameFi Degen Pool to make DeFi more accessible, engaging, and rewarding to users (especially NFT holders)



Hawksight | Solana DeFi Navigator

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