Post-$4.20M funding, Hawksight’s High-alpha community launches Roles & Rewards

What is Hawksight?

Hawksight is launching a DeFi app that captures the powerful alpha of DeFi in a simplified experience — making it accessible to everyone. Hawksight provides 1-click automated investment & yield farming in Solana & Terra, our vaults of yield-generating indexes enable anybody to simultaneously invest in indexes and earn yield, in 1-click. Hawksight recently raised $4.20M backed by Solana Ventures and Terraform Labs

High-Alpha Community Roles & Rewards

Our mission is to “mint” 1 million first-time DeFi users by automating investment & yield farming in 1-click for everyone, and we are launching new roles to involve and empower our community to build the leading DeFi app on Solana & Terra — together.

Hawksight’s community objective is to build the leading high-alpha community in Solana & Terra filled with insightful sharings of crypto investments, DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs. We are introducing three roles (with rewards) as follows, to spearhead this high-alpha community together in close partnership with the Hawksight cofounders and team:


  1. OGs: Defined as community members on Discord or Telegram who actively engage & share alpha in the community (anything related to crypto investments, DeFi, NFTs, or DAOs)


For OGs & Country ambassadors:

  • Incentivized token airdrops, corresponding to level and consistency of contributed community growth, genuine engagement, and alpha-sharing

For Early adopters:

  • Boosted yield and rewards when depositing and using Hawksight’s 1-click automated investments & yield farming

Apply as a Hawksight Ambassador by completing the form below. Our team will carefully review the application and schedule an introductory call/live chat after passing initial screening.

> Hawksight Ambassador Application form: Link

We are also looking for moderators who can moderate Hawksight’s server well and will keep our members safe, we want to make sure our users have a great time in our high-alpha community. Accepted moderators will be rewarded with an OG role in Discord.

> Hawksight Moderator Application form: Link

You are Early. Join us now

We are nurturing a community filled with meaningful and alpha-rich Crypto & DeFi conversations, please do drop by in our Discord, Telegram, or Twitter (Links below).

About Hawksight

Hawksight makes DeFi accessible to Everyone with 1-click Automated Investments & Yield Farming — on Solana and Terra. Hawksight’s Yield-generating Indexes enable users to instantly and simultaneously invest and earn yield on both Solana and Terra. Hawksight is backed by Solana Ventures and Terraform Labs.


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